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Q: Who?
A: [ email me: blaine at blainekendall dot com ] Blaine Kendall, a software development program manager by day, a wannabe software hack, photographer, daydreamer by night.

Q: What?
A: Taking photos, trying to improve my skill, posting them and looking for feedback. I eventually want to take photos well enough to hang some large format portraits around the house. It’s also a goal of mine to have my photos published in a book, even if I’m the only one who buys it.

Q: When?
A: Evenings, weekends, walking to work, whenever I’m out around with a camera.

Q: Where?
A: The great city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and anywhere else I’m traveling.

Q: Why?
A: Creativity. It’s good for the soul.

Q: What equipment do you use?
A: I started with a film Nikon F65. I sold that and moved to digital, a Nikon D70s and I’ve accumulated 4 lenses: 18-70mm (my most used for walking around), 70-300mm (long zoom, good for sports action), F1.8 50mm fixed (awesome and cheap), 10-20mm Sigma (great for travel, architecture and getting in people’s face). 3 Nikon speedlights for studio work, a couple tripods, a bunch of lighting stands, studio backdrop setup and a bunch of other DIY camera gear. I also have a Canon A610 point & shoot for times when I can’t carry my DSLR around and taking candid photos around the house. And various cameraphones. As Ken Rockwell states, it doesn’t matter what your equipment is, you can take great photos with a $10 camera - get out and get shooting.

Q: Can I buy one of your photos?
A: Definitely, I do sell high quality prints for a reasonable price.

Q: Have you been published?
A: Yep, I’ve got a few shots published in a book,  and I’m looking to have more published. I’m looking for any open photography submissions.

Publishings & Awards:

2006 Canadian Blog Awards - Best Photo/Art Blog
28mm - a printed book of photography
Contact 2007 - Toronto’s yearly photography festival
Numerous online websites have used my photos for their articles.

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