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city hall in preparation for the big new year’s concert. i edited to get a semi-monochrome photo as it was very flat and dark in the shadows of the other buildings, yet the displays were very vibrant. i kept them bright.
toronto, nathan philips square

new years prep

a better shot of yesterday’s ice cleaning action.
toronto, nathan philips square ice rink

zamboni break

at nathan philips square, they put in an ice rink in the winter. i arrived and got to see the excitement of ice cleaning. for those who aren’t familiar with ice rinks, after a while the ice needs to be “cleaned” which is really just scraping up the excess ice shavings and remelting the top layer of the ice with a lot of hot water i believe. the ice quickly refreezes and skating can resume again. outdoor ice skating is a very canadian tradition and it’s very neat to be able to do it in the middle of the city at city hall.

clean it up

this is one of the exterior sections of the marche movenpick restaurant in downtown toronto. when i first started working after university, i sometimes had to take work clients out for dinner and movenpick was a frequent spot. one of the clients frequently referred to it as “pick n move” which is a pretty good description of how it works. wander around, choose your food, go to the next station for your drinks. it’s a good spot for dining.

pick n move

tilt your head to the left and sing along…
m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e…

m i c. k e y.